Monday, October 30, 2017

Welsh Hook - Something like this

The Welsh Hook looked something like this. It was a feared weapon, used for hooking cavalry from their horses and then as a tin opener. The fixing point would have been a tube that sat on the end of the shaft, which wood it was I don't know (ash?) and it's length I'd suspect from 5ft to 7ft. They were pruning hooks, so length might have been longer.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Kalarun Castle - Glofeyne

© Copyright O.G.Osborne 2016

Monday, September 18, 2017

Ton Marel - Capital of Saerad

Drawn in AutoCAD and screen-dumped (ok res for this display) I'm in process of vectoring up all the cities that exist in my campaign world. Don't you just wish you were a PC in my game?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Aegistratan Banner, Shield and Fabric

The Aegistratans are amazon warriors in the northern hemisphere of Glofeyne. Allied with the Ignissian fire sorceress of the Islands, they form half of the mighty Bronzefyre Alliance.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Combat At The Hell Cell

The Averaath's combat team investigate the mountain side's strange iron door, leading to a ghastly lab stocked with hideous monsters of brutal power. This happened some time ago via PBEM and involved a friend of mine, Dave as player of Darric. Above is the shield of The Averaath flying galleon.


Something primordial, something so deeply rooted into the psyche of living things. You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for millions of ancestors, each other struggled with aches, pains, wounds, diseases...monsters. As this ‘thing’ comes upwards with it’s huge club spinning like a blender, you wonder, stopped in frozen time as the whole world slows down and wonders with you. You threw the hallowed hammer downwards like a thunderbolt, into the shadowed folds of tangled flesh. Somewhere amidst the supernatural roaring there’s a squelch, the hammer reappears in your fist covered in cold gore. the demi-gods Phobos and Deimos, the thing leaps out the darkness like some invader from hell.

Seg One
But Deeria is unfazed by the size, bulk and disgusting form, she’s disciplined to withstand such gut wrenching fear – she steps perfectly and in true time, places a potent zornhau – but...the thing pushes into her with it’s outstretched foot, it has limited range, but catches her in the midriff, breaking the timing and sending her stumbling off with her bastardsword barely in her grasp.

Seg Two
Deeria gets out of the way of any stomping attack, resets and probes again.

Seg Three
Cautiously, Darric advances, aware that the thing has unexpected surges of movement.

Seg Four
The things waves the giant spiked club at Darric, it seems to focus on him for some reason, and as it raises to load it’s attack, Darric pounces in and slams the things wrists [19 dam] in the nach timing. It’s attack is expent and it raises it’s arms for another.

Seg Five
As the thing roars and gesticulates fearsomely, Deeria stages a flyby attack, drawing the bastardsword across it’s forearms, causing substantial goop-squirting for [27 dam].

Seg Six
The creature stretches forth and swipes, Deeria leaps twice over the double zwershau, Darric slides through the defences and commits a left oberhau, knocking the hallowed hammer’s spike into the things chunky chin, exploding it in a shower of decayed flesh and bone. It falls forth in a massive wet thud, it’s rough-cut gem eyes popping free of the sick sockets and rolling on the floor.

Deeria passes a glance at you as if to draw your attention to the dark doorway, where more shadows are moving...more roaring...and another comes out on it’s tail. It came out quicker than expected, but Darric takes opportunity to throw the hallowed hammer. It barely hits yet sends off a chunk of skull [19 dam] and bounces off the steel gate, flying back in a natural rebound arc to your hand as you close in.



Seg One
Darric and Deeria manouvre for better angles of attack as the thing vascillates to threaten each of you with it’s bulk. The huge bloated, stinking body of the first thing is giving off clouds of fart gas. This is disgusting and both of you make your saves. Volby and Ysidran are about, they have spells held in wait, but what they are you don’t know. It advances, flailing a huge glaive.

Seg Two
The thing seems to be trying huge sweeping zwershau, both Deeria and Darric leap these broad slow moves, getting the timing right for counters.

Seg Three
Darric moves in the nach, slamming the hammer into the things chubby fat knee with a crunch [21 dam]. It twists to focus on Darric and raises the huge glaive, whose shaft is like a loom and whose blade is like a guillotine. Deeria is quick – she flies past dragging the bastardsword deeply through the things bloated gut, a move she almost regrets immediately as gallons of rotting innards sposh out. Everone makes a save and passes, barely.

Seg Four
The thing stumbles around slipping and falling into it’s own entrails with a roar of unnatural energy. It thuds over face down smashing its own face in. Dead.


Another fucker…” declares Deeria heading to the steel doors, her blade primed in Vom Tag.
Another one?” Volby cringes. The spellcasters are staying well out the way.

As soon as Darric sees another thing in the archway, he throws the hammer on a collision course. But it moves quickly at Deeria, and the hammer flies down the corridor. It reappears in your hand just seconds later. This third thing has a giant rough-cast axe.

Seg One
Deeria manouvers, she’s in Vom tag and she seems to be drawing it away from the conjested area where the footing is very bad.

Seg Two
Then Deeria pounces, after going backwards for a second or two she’s going forth, cutting heavily from the guard in a diagonal hewing for [25 dam] to the things thigh.

Seg Three
She abzugs out of the danger zone, Darric takes advantage of the things focus on Deeria.

Seg Four
Darric launches at the things back, but finds himself unable to strike because of a large slurry of rotting innards tangling around his feet.

Seg Five
Under cover of the shield, Darric dances his feet free of the tentacle like constraints of the monsters guts.

Seg Six
But the thing turns on Darric before he is away, it powers the huge double bit axe down hitting Darric mightily on the shield sending huge shockwaves into his left arm for [21 dam], it slowly retrieves its axe to prime again.

Seg Seven
Moving like lightening, Deeria races and runs up onto a dead thing, and leaps of it, slicing her bastardsword diagonally down across the third things neck, releasing a shower of high pressure green-grey sticky snot. Thing Three tries to repeat it’s successful hewing on Darric but he’s away and the axe falls short, cutting into dead thing one.

Seg Eight
A pillar of roaring flame descends into the thing – it is momentarily lost in the ornage tounges of destruction, the flames clear, the thing appears out of the light and looks...unharmed by it. Though it seems to be oddly out of phase.

Seg Nine
Deeria climbs over the stinking cadaver of thing two, her foot vanishes inside it’s torso with a squelch and she howls with disgust as she falls onto the torso, using her rolling momentum to free her leg. She rolls over and off the thing with a disgusted look all over her.

Seg Ten
Darric and Deeria converge on the strangely constrained third thing, which is acting like time has slowed down for it after the fire bath, they rain a flurry of attacks. The third thing takes a heavy blow and [22hps] but it’s uncertain who dealt the killing blow.

The thing collapses and releases a massive noxious fart.


Heavy breathing is the activity of the moment, both Darric and Deeria are struggling for breath after three minutes of extreme exertion, both are soaked with sweat, rotten gore and the dust that has kicked up has stuck to their faces. More unnatural roaring comes from below. Whatever is down there doesn’t seem to have registered your presence.
You might be out of their detection range” comments Volby, moving to inspect the dead things. “I have never seen anything so disgusting in my whole life.”
I’m thinking that, if we had to deal with these things at the same time, we might have suffered somewhat...” suggests Deeria.
Oh look,” declares Ysidran pointing above the archway. “It says The Hell Cell and no wonder.”

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Freaky Shields

Decided to experiment with strange bucket fills for these. I like them but I can't put them into my campaign. Too flash.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Elusenol, Creation Myth

The First Woman, Dogun.

Creation myth for Elusennol, The First World.

Heavily based on Sumerian Mythos and OT Genesis

  So there came the Lady of The Storm across the sun-burned clouds of morning. She moved in a sphere of fizzled spark, a rolling ball of lightning across the charcoal grey sweep; she rolled on wheels of gentle thunder till she hovered on the breeze, undulating over the great ancient arboreal world. Under the cobalt sky that was brightening to azure, she settled there in the part of the forest whose trunks were strongest, where fruit hung in opulence on branches thicker than any other place. There she met the fire dreki, whose metal scarlet eyes gazed from the depths of the shadow. He came from his perch, where he’d been feeding from great fruits. And he approached the Lady of the Storm with pleasant words of greeting.
  “From the clay, make a beast...” she commanded.
And with his noble hands, he formed a beast and he held it to her.
  “Breathe a small breath into it...” he asked. And she did.
The clay beast became alive and it gamboled around and then scampered off into the forest.  And so happened the creation of the beasts. Many clay beings were infused with the breath and they were set off into the great forests. They ate the fruits of the trees of which there were very very many.

  When the beasts of the land were far spread and many, there once more rolled across the skies the Lady of The Storm. The noise of her chariot disturbed the beasts and they ran reckless across the lands, terrified by her. For she was strong and her majesty struck fear into them, for with their breath they knew her and her might, but their flesh and clay were weak. The fire dreki heard the rolling wheels and he showed himself. Soon, The Lady of the Storm rolled close and said to the dreki:
  “Why do these beasts run from me?”
  “This is because they are creatures of the earth,” replied the dreki.
  “Make a beast that will not run from me.”
The dreki agreed and crafted one that stood on its back legs with it’s head half in the sky.
  “This creature will not be of claw and tusk. She will not be like me, but like you. She will have no weapon but will be full of your spark in her head, and have my fire in her heart.”
The Lady of the Storm agreed.

  So the dreki made a smooth woman, from the wood of a great olive tree that the Lady of the Storm had herself sat within as she rested. Smooth and pretty, she was without claw or tusk. He placed a hot coal from his heart within her heart. The dreki made her similar in form to the Lady of the Storm. And then he held up the wooden creation.
  “Breath into this a bigger breath. Make her well, for she will be ours, together.”
And the Lady of the Storm breathed her breath, a big blast, and infused her spark within the head of the creature. And so the woman was set free but she clung to the tree from whence she was made.
  “I am weak. I have no tusk or claw. And no hide with which to cover me. I am certain to die!”
  “You will not die!” said the dreki.
  “Who told you that you were naked?” asked The Lady of the Storm.
  “I saw that I was without armament and armour. I told myself so, from my own mind.”
The dreki and the Lady of the Storm pondered the woman’s response.
  “She has become like us. She perceives what is not easily apparent. Therein is a soul, for the fire scale feeds from
the breath, and in turn the fire regenerates the spark. I will call you Dogun, for you are beautiful like the rose fingered birth of day.”
 “I cannot help her,” said the dreki, “for she is now more like you. And yours. I am of the rock and fire. You are of sky and rain and storm. That which is rock and fire within her is under the power of that which is air and spark.”

  But there were many women who had been made, and they clung to the trees. The lady named them Huldra for they were now shy and hid away. The Lady of the Storm picked up the brightest woman and took her to her favourite place, a mountain top hall where the land met the sky on an island surrounded by warm seas.
  “I will teach you how to live. Weaving, cooking, farming and all crafts of all sorts I teach to you.”
And so the Lady of the Storm taught the woman all the things she needed to live without tusk or claw.

  Then she set the woman down into the fruit filled woodlands of the world again and told her to be free and happy. And The Lady of the Storm pulled two seeds from an olive tree and placed it within the woman, and this grew in her wood belly to be a child, which became the first man. Dogun then taught her son those things that the Lady of the Storm had shown her. And many of the women of the trees learned from Dogun. And her son became the father of womankind, for his many sons and daughters by the women of the trees became the first tribe of men, and Skoglendi was their home that Dogun made for them on the first world. And those that hid still remained Huldra, and they lived within the trees that birthed them.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Fall of Triorch - Game Notes

The three towns of Triorch are fallen. Undead hordes under the Bone Cloister carried rocks from the mainland and built a causeway, stone by stone, some 4 miles long to connect the island. Eventually, after a year of incessant rock dropping, helped by silt buildups and some necromancer wizardry, the gap closed and the island connected. Some 30,000 undead marched across. A small field battle ensued at the south end of the causeway and the Triorchans were overwhelmed, both Vinn and Danara fleeing southwards to Siric as the undead split and moved to sack the graveyards as a primary target. Boosted by the 5,000 slain from the battlefield, their ever growing numbers quickly stormed Vinn and Danara. The civilian exodus from Siric was almost complete but the remaining armies stayed to fight and keep the walls safe as the refugees left for Saerad.

Combined Saeradic, Siriolan and Exaradac potentiaries have met in war council and mages have assisted the evacuations -- although it seems there's a battle plan that is now initiated. The combined fleets have encircled Triorch Island, and the great elementalist Tyrac with helpers Wandarah, Firetop and many others, have used combinations of spells to cause a whole half mile of causeway to vanish, trapping the undead on the island ready for extreme vermin control by TMK Bomber ships, the regions flying gunships and the guardian dragons of the region. Tyrac's cohorts of stone golems are at the causeway, preventing exit.

The plan is of course based on the inability of the Glofeyne undead to cross salt water. The Bone Cloister has created some very nasty zombies and skeletons for their land wars...each claw strike from the minions demands a save versus a rusting attack on ferrous armour, eroding any armies defences against them. The downside is that these undead cannot swim or walk on the bottom of oceans or lakes, they get flushed away by the tide after the controlling enchantment evaporates.
Using this variant knowledge, the Undead have been trapped on the island and are shortly due for extreme action from the southern nations.

This activity formed a part of the game session 'War Council' on Sunday 6th August 2017 with Shannon's character Freydis as the main protagonist.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Making a simple effective scroll

This took about 5 mins. Scanned a piece of parchment coloured letter sized paper and then took a white eraser in Corel Paint to texture the edges. Or use a white brush. Quick choice for text. Done. Remember to save the foundation jpeg before the text goes on and then you can reuse it!

Campaign Notes - Camp Freydis Monument

The old stone slab pathway swerves up the steep sides of the knoll. At the top is another strange pillar this time capped with a five foot diameter stone sphere etched with ogham runes. This is another investigation for Queen Freydis. If her FNR is to stay there, she has to make sure it is safe. With Syl the witch and a number of friends, she begins her investigation.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bronzefyre Alliance - NW Elusenol

This has been a while coming but at last the Sorceress of Ignissia and the Aegissian Women Warriors can be seen on the map. This is in the NW of Elusenol, far NW of Glofeyne.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Campaign notes: 7/22/2017 - The Pale Tree

Players:  Shannon
DM:  Glaucos
Recorded by: Shannon

Adventuring group: Freydis, Galandraxis, Syl, Janaera Tayne, Firetop, The Queen's Shield (120 heavy cavalry), Durhelwyr and his troops.

Context: The group has just defeated a large contingent of undead at the cliff face by outsmarting them with a Turris Magna command center produced by Durhelwyr.  The group has also decided to bring the wizardess Firetop with them on their journey.  She has no desire to re-join her previous companions, who are busy picking the pockets of the dead.

The adventurers resume their journey and eventually see a red stone castle, Snow Spire, on the side of a steep mountain.  Durhelwyr indicates that he intends to visit it, but that it will be a very grueling ascent and that it’s best to rest the group overnight by camping in a conifer grove and attempting the climb the next morning. Freydis concurs.

A scouting party informs the group that a dwarf has been found alone in the woods. He’s brought back to camp and introduces himself as Gyranax. He’s a cross-dressing vegetarian purveyor of fine goods at rather high prices who traveled to the castle with the intention of responding to an advertisement for delivery of certain goods.  When he arrived, no one would respond at the gate and he eventually left, but not before noticing that there were pikes atop the castle with human heads on them. His cart became bogged down and his mule died.  After going over his story and the goods he has for sale, he’s allowed to stay at the camp overnight. Freydis eventually gives him a war horse and a ring of shooting stars and cantrips in exchange for a clerical scroll of significant power.  

That night, after everyone goes to sleep, Freydis assumes wolf form and travels up the mountain to get a look at the castle.  While there she gets a good feel for the layout of the place and determines that someone is still living there.  She sees no one, but lanterns are burning, there is  strange sulphuric scent in the air, and she hears someone scream in agony as if being tortured.  She quickly makes her way back down the mountain and encounters Sil and the dwarf, who were following her tracks.  She tells them what she found, and they gather the adventuring group together with Durhelwyr and she draws them a schematic for the castle grounds.  Garden areas with trees close to the castle walls provide good possibilities for getting into the place. Questions abound - has the grandmaster in charge of the psionic school at the castle gone mad? Is he among the dead? Has he been taken prisoner?  The group will make their way to the castle at first light and find out.

The next morning the group ascends the mountainside and arrives at the castle, and Durhelwyr decides to create a distraction by knocking at the castle gate while the rest of the group moves around the castle and enters over the wall and through the garden.  He gains admittance to the castle and while he’s having a conversation with the current inhabitants, Freydis and her group listen from behind a closed door as he negotiates with the mysterious Zvarah, the former Countess of Molcra, and her elite bodyguard of 12 Red Guards.   She bluntly offers to sell Durhelwyr the castle and the master with it, claiming that she married the master (Farn) and he violated the terms of their agreement by refusing to teach her psionics.  She’s been keeping him in the dungeon since their falling out, killed his students in supposed ‘self defense’ and wants to sell the castle out from under him in order to raise money to return to Malcra and rebuild.  After a great deal of back and forth about the terms of the selling agreement and questions from Freydis about Zvarah’s motives, Durhelwyr suddenly offers the Red Guard half a million gold pieces to abandon the castle, turn over Farn to the adventuring party and dedicate themselves to the fight against the undead by declaring their allegiance to Freydis.  Surprisingly, Zvarah demurs and agrees.  

Durhelwyr will eventually receive a copy of the agreed-to contract and Freydis will receive a red leather bound ‘good will’ gift from Zvarah - a book of skill at arms that, once learned, will raise Freydis a level as a fighter.  

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Game Report: Castle Snowmayne - 22nd July 2017

The descent from the stone circle is steep and long. The downwards slope makes it easier but soon, the rugged hills, most nothing more than shale heaps from the upper reaches, wave up and down as the trail pushes north west along the edge of the forest. Chuckling rivulets leap over the stones, cold and clear, yet to be tainted by the world.

The trail becomes tough on the wagon horses and they are swapped out every hour. The trail branches occasionally, but Durhelwyr’s scouts take the left, scouring the upper reaches for sign of a castle.
“Snowmayne” a guard reports, pointing to a bare mountain which even the trees seem to avoid. Durhelwyr nods. “It looks true to choice. A place far away where contemplation is easy. There’s nothing up there for anyone. Well, anyone sane.” The guards laugh and the convoy moves on.

Hours later, despite seeing the crowning castle, it’s pale red geometry harsh against the snow white sky and the clouds that hulk above it, the ascent will begin.
“I’d suggest we spare the horses and the guards the turmoil of ascent. It would be better to make a camp here in a sheltered crevasse, take advantage of the trees and the water flows.  With that, Vorgentah asks for his winter saddlebags brought to him and they are fixed over the rear haunches of the bronze death charger.  He is brought a few extra weapons, one of which, held within a carved black ebony scabbard, he hands nonchalantly to Pal Tayne, and she cautiously grasps it, staring at the opulent crossguard and pommel.  “Take care of this, until one finds another suitable” he mentions gently.  Tayne’s eyes are wide and she manages a rare smile. She pulls the gifted great green cloak about her, things might be looking up for her at last.

Freydis, glittering in ancient silver armour with eyes that match the sky and hair that reflects the pale winter sun, she assembles her friends:  Pal Janera Tayne, noble paladin, encased in a shell of impervious armour, her eyes honest and gentle. Syl, Saeradic Witch. Draped in shadowed cloak, hair like a blazing copper fire, eyes green like a cat.  Galandraxia, a bard of legend, elegant, tall and majestic. Fearsome with her bone bow and dark arrows. Lady Firetop, draped in crimson and fire orange, her angular features are like the tangs of fire itself. And Vorgentah, carapaced in ancient metal on a steed of fame, dark bearded and silent, he has just become aware that he is surrounded by beautiful, talented women and a cloud of sweet smelling perfume.  After an initial look of dread as the women passed a saucy joke about with smirks and cackles, he relaxed somewhat, realising that as the only man, he’d always be the object of banter. Just as a woman would be traveling with a team of men.  It was now time for him to be the forgiving one, as women had done for eons. Though, as the squad gathered, it was not lost on the guards that here assembled, was perhaps the most outrageously good looking adventurers that had ever worked together.

Party takes the ascent...

The trail is barely traveled here, but for a few old horse tracks, not much has gone on atop this mountain for weeks. An odd sign perhaps for a castle. As the mountain is climbed, nothing but the odd crow flaps about, telling all in lonely echoes that the mountain belongs to no-one. The last rise is met – as the group round the edge they stare at the dark spires and red walls of the castle. Small signs of habitation are still around. Tiny lanterns burn on the walls and within the great dark glass windows, there near the doors, deep in shadow, are two large lanterns burning brightly, but still, swallowed by the shade. And there, upon the main spire, spears bobbled with severed heads. Something isn’t right.

Note: Snowmayne was renamed by it's new owner. It is now "Demonia".

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Campaign notes: 7/15/2017 - The Pale Tree

Campaign notes: 7/15/2017 - The Pale Tree
Players: Shannon
DM: Glock
Recorded by: Shannon

Adventuring group: Freydis, Galandraxis, Syl, Janaera Tayne, The Queen's Shield (120 heavy cavalry), Durhelwyr and his troops.

Context: Freydis has just left Camp Freydis and has joined Durhelwyr on a journey across northern Saerad to the coast with Aradac as the eventual destination. They stopped at a small half-ruined castle and filled large water casks from a spring with anti-undead qualities in the water. They are now moving on northward and have come to a stone circle guarded by ravens, one of whom has unlocked the access point after a 'conversation' with Durhelwyr. Freydis and her troops follow Durhelwyr through the entrance.

A beautiful fey gully appears, overgrown with glowing trees and topped at the cliff edges with white stone. It is warm, like a hazy summer, with a bright blue sky. The wagons ahead of Freydis are traveling along a trail of crushed rock. On either side of the road are grasslands that appear to be eaten down by goats or sheep. Syl identifies the land as a liminal area that connects to Feylan. As they ride along the trail, the minty scent of an unknown plant becomes apparent. No one seems to know what it is.

Freydis explores the area and takes a sample of the plant producing the scent. She feels watched while doing so.

The group continues northward and takes the northwest branch of the trail through another stone circle that deposits the group in an overcast wilderness with snow clouds above. Tall mountains stretch off into two directions and there is day-old snowfall on the ground. The group is on a mountain peak with the blue stone henge surrounding them. The sergeants ride ahead on a steep descent. Durhelwyr indicates he has a destination in mind a few miles ahead that they should be able to reach before nightfall. The group arrives in a gully full of pines surrounded by rocks and with a small river running past. This is where they camp for the night.

A dog arrives at camp in the middle of the night with a wizard's mark on his collar tag. Freydis and Syl follow it home in wolf and dog form. They discover an adventuring group living in a cave in the cliff face. This includes a fighter (Vorich), a female magic user (Mol), a couple of male drow, and a male wizard of some kind. They indicate that there is a large population of undead living in the crevasse below them that appear to be guarding something unknown. They invite Freydis in but she declines. Vorich gives Freydis the story of the undead and how hopeless the situation appears. She finally decides to return to camp with the information and Mol elects to come along to exchange spell information with Syl.

In the morning, Freydis informs Durhelwyr of the night's discoveries and he suggests checking out the information since they will be leading the wagon train past the area anyway and need to know if it's dangerous. Then he suggests taking a scouting party there first to investigate, because with that many undead guarding the place, there must be something valuable there. Freydis very reluctantly agrees ... this seems quite dangerous.

Durhelwyr rides out to the front of the cliff face on his death charger, knocking around a few undead along the way. He reaches the area where the road meets the wall and suddenly creates a Turris Magna command center, a tower fort impenetrable to the undead. The ground-floor door from the tower faces the cliff. Durhelwyr concentrates on the cliff face with his psionic powers and after some time, informs the group that there's a cave behind the natural rock face with a large tree growing in it. Syl casts detect magic and finds none. Freydis has a spade of colossal excavation but doesn't want to use it if it means she'll be out of the fighting. Durhelwyr finally persuades Freydis to get into a bag of holding and transport through the stone psionically with him.

Once inside, they witness a tree on an island surrounded by four copper bands like the sections of a compass. It was once likely a druidic sacred site of unknown function that was vandalized and rendered powerless by the old Dacish religion. Durhelwyr manages to repair the destroyed power connections and restore its function, although what that exactly is remains to be seen.

They return to the command center and everyone ends up on the roof, lobbing missile weapons and magic attacks against the approaching undead until there is massive pile of vanquished foes piled around the base of the command center. Mol (Firetop) makes a statement about the dubious nature of her former cohorts and sure enough, they suddenly come out of nowhere to pick the undead clean of any remaining jewelry and other valuables. Syl decides to bring Firetop along with the group and Freydis agrees.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Table for additional 'Mundane + ' Items: Glofeyne

The things here included are those that frequently gets overlooked and taken for granted. Many of them are very valuable, essential to normal life and sometimes very expensive. Yet, despite good DM’s and plenty of data, no one has really given any thought to them.

1. ­
2. Saddle, Riding
3. Saddle, Cantled
4. Saddle, +
5. Stirrups
6. Stirrups, +
7. Horseshoes
8. Horseshoes, Warspiked
9. Horseshoes +
10. Horseblanket
11. Horseblanket +
12. Nosebag
13. Nosebag +
14. Saddlebag
15. Saddlebag +
16. Tent (6 Man)
17. Tent (12 Man)
18. Tent ( 6 or 12 Man)+
19. Camp Brazier/Firebox
20. Camp Brazier +
21. Wooden Stake(s)
22. Hammock
23. Lantern or Torch
24. Lantern or Torch +
25. Knight’s Marquee Tent
26. Knight’s Marquee Tent +
27. Cauldron
28. Cauldron +
29. Iron Cutlery
30. Iron & Wood Spade
31. Storage Barrel/Crate
32. Storage Barrel/Crate +
33. Weapon Rack/Armour Rack
34. Camp Table/Bed
35. Camp Stool/Chair
36. Rotating Sand Barrel
37. Whetstone/Sharpening Wheel
38. Tinderbox and Charcoal
39. Camp Mallet/Hatchet
40. Flagpole

Of course, the DM needs to use their imagination to generate the + aspect. Obvious + ideas are best for mundane + items, for instance 15. Saddlebag + could be an ordinary saddlebag with extraordinary capabilities for keeping rain out. 20. Camp Brazier + might be a normal looking black iron bowl with bars about it that can slowly light the coals/timber itself with a command word.

1. ­
2. ­
3.    Woven baskets
4.    Drop­bar /Drop­bar +
5.    Padlock, lock, +
6.    6” Bell and cord
7.    Wooden/Iron chest
8.    Wood/Iron chest +
9.    Ornate casket
10.  Barrel/bucket/crate
11.  Barrel/cucket crate +
12.  Wooden table/stool
13.  Wooden stools/bench
14.  Dice, game boards
15.  Tilting items, quintain etc.
16.  Wooden/stone throne +
17.  Ornate throne +
18.  Wooden crib, toys
19.  Polished metal mirrors
20.  Tapestry/rug +
21.  Loom and weave
22.  Wooden bath and canopy
23.  Ablution items
24.  Roasting spit and crank
25.  Cushions, curtains, blankets
26.  Needlework tools
27.  Kitchen cutlery, inc. cleavers.
28.  Hunting & fishing Items
29.  Grooming equipment (stables)
30.  Carts, carriage, wagon
31. Symbolic items, signet, seal, baton, banner
32. Statue, ornament, shields, portrait
33. 4­ Poster bed, fine wood
34. Armorie, fine wood
35. Chest of drawers, fine wood
36. Barrels of preserved food
37. Weapon display rack/case
39. Guards panoply ­ typical
40. Candlestick holder/torch Sconce
41. Shield limner’s paint, brushes, tools.
42. Bookshelf & tome / fiction/ history
43. Livery (tabards/surcoats/plooms)
44. Quills, inks, parchment
45. Portable alter/holy font/relics+
46. Blacksmith/carpentry/builder’s Tools
47. Portable forge/large firebasket
48. Ballista, crane­crow, mangonel
49. Alchemy equipment, chemicals, herbs
50. Torture device + (iron maiden etc.)
51. Workbenches
52. Ledger / taxes/ accounts / lineage charts
53. Musical instruments
54. Garden tools inc. bill hooks
55. Chains /ropes / leather cordage
56. Pots, pans, trays, vases, trenchers
57. Chickens, geese, falcon, hawk
58. Horses, ponies, cows, pigs.
59. Dogs, wardogs, bloodhounds.
60. Cannon, gunpowder, iron balls

There’s always a 1% chance of any mundane item being an unidentified enchanted item of some sort. It needn’t be DMG treasure table stuff, but it’s an opportunity to design something nice. Don’t miss the opportunity. In places where there’s a lot of magic, it’s likely that a much higher change of the item being enchanted, 3% is a good guideline. Sometimes, in a wizards castle or a temple, certain mundane things will certainly be magical, such as lanterns or torches having ‘Continual Light’ cast on them.

Himmenheim - Flying Hall

Himminheim is a powerful traveling device that has numerous uses in logistics, diplomacy and military insertion, extraction and bombing.  Crafted from nut brown wood with bronze fittings, Himminheim is an artifact of ancient times. Built by an ancient Saeradic Queen, Guldis X, the ship served as a royal yatch and diplomatic vessel in an age when such devices were common in the skies of Elusenol. Lacking major armament, Himminheim was a vessel that preferred to avoid open naval battles and would rely on supporting vessels to guard itself. These battleships have long gone now, many being destroyed in the fight against the enormous flying “Angauthron”; the Thrones of Death and their otherworld armies of demons and undead.  Himminheim was saved before the fall of Saerad by the same druids who hid Lysidril and buried the treasures of Tarandor. Currently owned by Queen Freydis of Saerad, (Ulfsdrottnir, Book Three of the Three Tattered Tomes).

Length: 420ft
Width: 153ft
Weight (Fully Loaded):
Weight (Empty):
Max Pitch:
Max Yaw:
Max Roll:
Operational Crew: 12
Services Crew: 12
Guard: 60 (x3 Watches of 20)
Navigators: 3
Captain: Vizarin*
Speed: (Airborne) 20mph (Elemental Jet Engine)
(Waterborne) 10 mph (x2 Golem powered screws)
(Screws assisted by EJE: 15mph for 1d4 hrs a day only)
Ascent Speed: 20mph level flight (Indefinite period)
Dive Speed: Up to 120mph (Freefall)
Impetuous (Engine assisted) dive: Up to 150mph (in normal density atmosphere).
Climb at 5 degrees: 17.5mph + up to 30mph
10 degrees: 15mph
15 degrees: 12.5mph
20 degrees: 10mph
25 degrees: 7.5mph
30 degrees: 5mph
Vertical (0 Deg) Take Off: 5mph for the first 25 yards, 10mph for the rest.
Maximum Ceiling: Due to the use of magic shells and breathing spells, use of potions etc. there’s no maximum ceiling for the Himminheim. However, overrides are difficult to break and require the Captain and a Navigator to break. The artificial ceiling is set at 20,000ft.
Comfort: 8000ft
Discomfort: 19500ft
Illness: 24,000ft
Death: 26,000ft

Structure is modified materials to high Rockwell factor.
Glass has been ‘Glass Steel’ modified.
Wood has been immunized from magical and natural attack.
Force Shell has been permanised across the whole hull surface.
Ship as a whole has a natural 90% spell immunity
100% Immune to electrical and fire attacks.
Automatic Feather fall on loss of ships propulsion or Levity device.
Dimension Door x3 per day (up to 250 yards)
Immunity to normal missiles (24/7) (450ft elliptical shell)

X3 Dragon Breath per day (Tainted to include fire, electric, gas etc. according to power up).
Stable spell-casting platform
May drop explosive cannon balls from its single under-bay.

The core of the ship is based around an ancient artifact, an anti-gravity sphere, which is harnessed to overcome the planetary gravity. The sphere also acts as a stabilizer and contains an infinite gyroscope. The propulsion systems are magical, two incessant golem driven screws can provide smooth constant speed in all conditions. The EJE (Elemental Jet Engine) taps into two tiny permanised portals to the Elemental Plane of Air, that are choked by the portals aperture size. The size, hence thrust of the jets, is controlled by mechanical means at the rear ports “Dragon Heads.” The frontal, weaponsied head is also usable, with some 1d4 rounds preparation, as a thruster head. It cannot be used as a weapon until it has been valve changed back to weapon.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My old website...

Here's my skeletal website. It briefly includes an overview of my novels.

Dishiliac - the evil and immortal cross breed, an ancient dryad bent by vampirism. Imprisoned under Drathscar, a stone circle shadowed by a cursed glade, she charmed those unlucky to pass through the circle overhead. Then she got them to dig under the soil to her, where she placed them under powerful charms. Then they wandered about doing her dark bidding. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Shield of Queen Freydis of Saerad

Shield of Baron Durhelwyr of Twrychel

   The convoy of both Freydis’ traveling guard and Durhelwyr’s expedition move through the winding forest until they sudden upon a rustic, half ruined castle. The western wings are still lived in by the baron of Hamyn Pral Town to the north, the rustic residence known as ‘Aulyfon’; meaning “Holy Font”. The castle flies a pale green flag with a silver pitcher upon it, spilling tumbles of water.
   A spring leaps from the ruined east wing of the castle, whose rubble and talus are covered in strange greenery, fed by the holy water of the spring. Only a few guards are here, merely to stop thieves breaking into the closed rooms. There are many locked doors and just three large chambers for the use of travellers. They are bare but for basic furnishings and these it seems are used often; the large hearth is available for a fire if someone wants to collect wood. Of the six guards, one is a sergeant named “Thramad”, a long haired, bearded fighter in chain mail and a boar spear. “This is warthog territory. You’d better be alert, if one comes for you, then say goodbye to a leg!” he warns.
   The area around Aulyfon is wild and damp so the misty woodlands needs a place like this for travellers to dry out in. It seems secure, no oids come here. There’s been no record of trouble apart from the occasional pick pocket. The atmosphere is good, as befits what was a clerical castle guarding the font.
   The Sapphire Guards open the sides of one of their seven wagons and they reveal that it contains a large copper tank, which they begin to fill with font water. This it seems is for reasons other than drinking. There are water barrels for that. Many guards fill glass flasks for use as grenades against undead.
   After filling up their water truck, the Sapphire Guards eat cold rations and then, send a scout off in an unexpected direction. Instead of taking the north road, there’s an old hunters trail circling the castle heading south west upwards into the mountainous forest.
Shortly the scouts return and the train begins to circle around the castle walls and head off towards the new destination.
Travel Stone. We can use them to get to almost anywhere. Straight over to Aradac,” says Durhelwyr.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Panzerhand Hall - Siriol

A place central to my novels (The Stormaintress Saga); this ancient hallway moves through time and space when the Goddess of the Hall and the Owner of the Hall agree to relocate.

Owned by the Panzerhand family, the hallway is the base from which they have always operated, their current members now merely distant cadet houses amongst the nations of many far away planets. The core family is also hardly ever in attendance.

Introduced with the short story "Eiriafael" when Vorgentah meets Cymbria, the hall later features when Vorgentah brings it across the divide from the old world to the forest of Siriol where he sets it near the ancient ruins that once functioned as a royal court for the ancient kings of the isle.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Campaign News 23rd June 2017

CAMPAIGN NEWS / 23rd June 2017

Baron Durhelwyr has taken to the road with the 40 Sapphire Guard, 8 wagons and a half dozen scouts. He’s slowly heading for the northern coast, he intends, so the castellan says, to reach Syrim Ull’s Freetown and sail over to Aradac for some adventuring. Word has it that the guard has been inactive too long and needs to adventure. Tachyr is currently at Twruchel with but a dozen staff and a small group of friends.

The Snow Elves of Cenaris have uncovered some unexpected results of proximity to the Carnum Stone. The report mentions that mystical ‘chakras’ on handlers have begun to glow in the light of the column. Atharah Unwedd has speculated that these areas are somehow ‘primed’ for something else to happen, an event of some sort. There could be room for some kind of physiological change.

Old Osric The Cutter has placed his new ‘Saeradic Army’ on alert at Camp Freydis. The coastal plain in the north has been under surveillance as Pencarred Llyr himself and Ered Littleflower both have been monitoring undead movements in the region; the plain is considered possibility for a strong undead landing point. The army has reached 5000 strong and he hopes to increase it to 6000 with appeals to Baron’s for their personal armies to send delegations should they be needed.

Tunnic barbarians have been becoming more frequent in the Mareldryn area as trade links are formed. The longships seem to be making westwards to Aradac to join in the clean up operations of the forces allocated there.

Skull Point is becoming a fortress of repute; a high perimeter wall now stares out over the sound, to guard the main expected invasion point of any undead from Aradac. Yet, for some months, the expected force has not been seen, it was said that it had most likely gone north over night.

Camp Cancelotah has been left, the Zonnic maidens having begun explorations up the river to inland places. Brother Ethelwend has gone with them, with his five friends.

The great new city in the coastal hills west of Borgwynd has begun to integrate with the folk of Saerad. The initial language barriers have been a problem, yet they have become immediately recognised for their honest hard work, honest trade and astonishing bronze work. There seems to be a tower in the city that spews white smoke continually, and great bronze doors in the base of the city hill are frequented by craft-priests. They are known as the ‘Masters of Illancur’; strangely bearded and bearing ritual hammers, sooty folk with floppy hats and leather aprons. Yet, the world awaits the greater relocations promised by the gods and thrones alike, the time of new arrivals is shortly upon Glofeyne.

Long range scout ships report home after many months at sea of a large island in the north that is made from iron. The mountains in the center are rust red, and the sea for leagues about it are bloody with its oxide. There’s plenty of ruined places around its coast, though it may be that some civilisation has survived in the interior – who knows?

The Three Cities of Triach have been under terrible attacks in the last weeks, helped by Saeradic silver, they continue to resist the undead onslaught. But it seems they too will be in need of some sort of military help – the undead of Molcra has focused on them, determined to break them.

 Siriol has placed thirty ships on alert in the south of the straights, this is unexpected and could be the warning Saerad needs to be vigilant.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Class Generation Structures within Glofeyne?

We have seen them in Age of Empires and many other build games. What about taking the concept to 2nd edition AD&D in retrospect?

Source Buildings

Classes don’t just appear. They are generated within functional buildings. A building has five levels of empowerment for training:

Foundational – 100gps – Allows creation of characters of 0 and 1st level.

Established – 1,000gps – Allows training of characters from 2nd to 5th level.

Advanced – 10,000gps – Allows training of characters from 6th to 9th level.

Elite – 100,000gps – Allows training of characters from 10th to 20th level.

Paragon – 200,000gps – Allows training of characters from 21st to 30th level.

Note this financial requirement is the sustained training material cost for the entire college. It isn’t the cost of the building structure. The cost of the structure would vary; for instance, a druid grove costs nothing and could turn out High Druids. But the cost of a wizard’s tower that trains high mages is going to be high and the castle that trains cavaliers of 20th level up is going to be enormous and very expensive. These buildings might exist independently of whether they are used for training: great old castles exist, but without the cost of setting up the environment, they cannot train characters above the foundational level. All structures turn out 0th and 1st levels in their type: a tiny Healing House in the middle of no-where might turn out a 1st level cleric every so often. As would a pub, regardless of size, turn out 0th and 1st level fighters.

List of Types and Generated Character Classes

Tunnic Hoff - Gythia/Gothi. Might exist in Hill Fort and Tunnic Burgh.

Tunnic Mead Hall- Shield Maidens, Skalds. Might exist in Hill Fort or Burgh.

Great Ships - Amazons. These are usually hulks moored as a relic of some defining event.

Chapter House - Paladins, separate or within a temple. Always away from miasma.

Castle - Cavaliers/Aristocrats. Cavaliers also from ‘Tilt-yard’.

Stables - Squires. Could be within another structure, such as castle.

Fortress - Glofeyne Man-At-Arms or Barracks within a castle.

Temple- Clerics /Priests, Templar or as a Healing House within another structure.

Lodge - Rangers, Hunters & Guides. A ‘run’ is training area of wilderness.

Den - Thieves / Assassins /Appraisers, usually hidden within towns.

Theater - Bards & Illusionists, might be a wandering train of wagons.

Fey Grove - Glofeyne Druids, Menhirs, hidden in deeply forested dells.

Cabal Tower - Wizards, could be within a major castle or other important structure.

Glade - Seers. Usually shadowed dells and coves. Sometimes wagon trains.

Range - Archers, could be within castle or other structure.

Encampment - Barbarians. Advanced barbarians use Hill Fort.

Pub - Fighters, usually within other structures. An attached hallway with beer.

Ruins - Glofeyne Witch. Usually within ruined archaic structures, but not tombs.

Forge - Blacksmith / Armourer /Weaponsmith, might be within castles.

Surgery - Necromancer, usually within other structures, such as Tombs.

Retreat - Psionic, usually isolated, free from distractions.

Allotments - Herbalist / Healer. Gardens and shacks might exist within castles or other areas.

Workshop - Artificer/ Craftsman. Pentice sheds might exist within castle wards. All types.

University - Laboratory - Apothecary /Alchemist

- Inkery - Cartographer / Scribe

- Library - Sage -Engineer / Architect .

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Novel completed: Ulfsdrottnir

So yesterday I completed my latest novel, Ulfsdrottnir. That's 'Wolf-Queen'. It's been going since 2013 but I didn't finish the last chapter for 4 years, not because of any reason other than I'm not getting cash for these things. As an artist of the word, it pains me that nearly all that I write will simply sit on shelves, or on the digital shelf of kindle, lulu etc, because despite being a bloody good read, I'm neither pre-famous nor rich enough to sped $100 a day on social media advertising. You heard right, successful self published authors have to spend a screaming fortune on publicity. Well, bollocks to that dumb ass methodology. The concerns about age also apply to me. In the UK the average age of a published author is 72 years old. The average lifespan of someone from Swansea East is merely 61 years, worse than most third world nations (thanks Blighty guvnors, you had 1000 years to sort out poverty but you never tried ever...) meaning I'm much more likely to die before ever getting something through a professional publishing house. Seems a little bit strange don't you think that the working class can only get paid after death. Bit like the pension age. Much more likely to die BEFORE picking up a pension. Oh that's not fixed you scallywag! Don't be a little tinker and suggest that the government has planned such an ironic, seditious bundle of mindwarp. With the vast proliferation of unpaid internships in the UK and the vastitude of 'Zero hour contracts' unperturbed by the Tories, it seems that a man has to starve to death before he even gets his weekly wage.

Here's the planned cover for Ulfsdrottnir. I'm now going to get some polishing done and then, to be honest, once it's all bright and brilliant, it will go on a shelf and await its fate in landfill with all my other things.

Fuck the system, it's governed by Fafnir's bum-nuggets!

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Holy Sacrifice - New Paladin Ability

Ritual of Holy Sacrifice
No spell level; This is an epiphany.

Casting Time: 1-3 Rounds 
Range: Self
Duration: Permanent 
Area of Effect: Self
Special Components: V,S,M 
Saving Throw: Nil
Designed by: Glock Osborne 

This is an epiphany, a moment of realisation that profoundly changes the paladin and that of the receiver of the benefits of the ritual. Usually, this takes place at a moment of contemplation when the realisation of the paladins doom is upon him. This is usually done with a prayer, speech or sacrifice of some sort to the paladins god. 

The effects of the epiphany are many, but usually, the doomed paladin may bequeath his precious holy sword, or his armour, or any other most precious thing to another paladin. How the items are transferred after the paladins death is up to the DM; they might be magically taken to a temple where they await, or they might, through a number of steps, via an adventurer retrieving the item, being sold, being lost and found again, until it comes, with guided certainty, to the specified hands. It will all be in good time and not more than a week per level of the paladin. 

But this isn't the sole or main effect. The effect of the Holy Sacrifice is this: Upon the paladin realising his doom (and that means accepting the doom as a non raisable or resurrectable instance) and that his life is forfeit, the paladin will not roll divine intervention and thereafter cannot be brought back to life by any means. The levels of the paladin are gifted in years of healthy life to another member of the order, be it a paladin or follower. Usually this involves a sick child, who will not only be cured of his sickness, but he receives the potential years that the paladin had not yet lived. This number of years is simply accounted as levels of the paladin, as greater prowess means better life survival chances, but thereafter the expiry of the level/years, fate once more takes it's toll and the normal potentiality for sickness and death roll normally as it would for anyone else. This doesn't mean the recipient will live that time out - the fates might have another death at large for the recipient, such as possible death in battle in the future. Dying in battle isn't preventable by adding the increased years. The gods make no guarantees for those engaged in lethal activities. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Glofeyne Cleric Spell - Downgrade Affliction

Downgrade Affliction
Level 1

Casting Time: 5 Rounds
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: One recipient
Special Components: V,S,M
Saving Throw: Special
Designed by: Glock Osborne

This spell is able to downgrade any disease from 4 to 1, 4 being terminal and 1 being inception. Any disease can be blunted by this spell, buying time or edging it to full cure. This can be cast just once per day and creates a marked improvement in health, regenerating 1-2hps in the process. Needless to say, if a cleric casts this 4 times (on 4 consecutive days) on a terminally ill recipient, the sickness is destroyed and the patient can begin normal healing.
There’s usually no saving throw for the disease, but magically enhanced illness can demand a -1 or -2 for virulence, and -3 maximum for the diseases of Lycanthropy and Vampirism. Both Lycanthropy and Vampirism cannot be downgraded to 0 (cured) but these remain at stage 1 and progress again later. The Downgrade Affliction can keep knocking back these diseases BUT should the patient ever progress to stage 5, the disease has won and were-form or vampiric form will certainly come about.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Glofeyne Map

I need advice from graphics experts on how to improve this map. It's very basic.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It may not be fantasy!

The fantasy world has one fold, the world of magical realism two?


The difference between a book where all the characters have fantasy names and all locations are alien and a book where people have a magical world, are called Bob and sometimes visit a version of London?

MOST of what I pick up then isn't fantasy, it's magical realism.

Monday, March 6, 2017

A quote that shows the state of the game...

Page 18, Dungeon Master's Guide (2.5ed):

"Of course, you don't have to do all the work. Your players can provide most of the energy, enthusiasm and ideas needed. Your task is to provide direction and control."

Regarding PC generation...

I just wish that this was about the PC's performance too. I mean, the DM is the storyteller and the player character is the protagonist, right. Well, if a protagonist sits back and relies on the referee for all the ideas, action and does little or nothing to develop the environment around the Pc, then it's not an rp becomes the telling of a bedtime story. The protagonist becomes inert, a flat, non autonomous page of stats.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Thoughts on the size of dragons


Just a thought...

The dragon sizes of 2nd edition, understandably, are to attempt to upgrade the dragon species from the meek and weak 1st edition pansies into something scalable (pun intended) and formidable. For the most part, the 2nd ed. System works wonderfully.

It doesn’t really work however. Because as the HD and damage increases, so does the size – from manageable into gargantuan.

Any warrior with a 2-handed sword could be teleported onto the dragon’s blind spot (top of head, back of neck) or they might blink or use some other jaunting spell or item to get there. The rest is just obvious. The huge dragon cannot, due to its cumbersome size, defend itself from such an attack. A vastly sized dragon would eat everything for hundreds of miles and lay waste to entire nations. This can’t really be the case...unless you really want that sort of a campaign, go ahead.

My response to this problem is that dragons, regardless of type, never exceed 30ft from nose to tail or 15ft at the shoulder. The dragon should be able to place its own tail into its mouth, so that any blind spot on the dragon can be guarded by the sweeping, prehensile tail. Or that something latched onto the end of the tail could be brought afore the mouth and dealt with. I do keep the increase in HD and damage, this is about the ferocity of the dragon as it ages rather than its ever bloating size.

As far as the decreased size is concerned, they’d be faster and more maneuverable too, weight allowance could be kept (as strength goes up as it gets older). One or two riders would be possible, and the use of lances suddenly comes into play again. Imagine a fighter on a vast dragon (doing the splits) with a ten foot lance, it wouldn’t even project past the dragons own operating shell. So a smaller dragon would allow the projection of the lance outside the shell and become a proper threat to enemies.

So for me, dragons of Glofeyne grow to 30ft length and then, they stop physically getting bigger, but might get more muscles and heavier armour, longer nastier claws and bigger biting teeth to justify the age increase.